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How do I change the store information in PS 1.7?


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Hi, I'm trying to modify the information on the bottom-right of the PrestaShop(1.7.x) homepage (classic theme, the default one), but nothing seems to be working. I tried to modify the the module (but there's no option to modify the info rather where that module it is shown, I believe).

I also tried modifying the template itself (/themes/classic/modules/ps_contactinfo/ps_contactinfo.tpl and ps_contactinfo-rich.tpl), I hardcoded another e-mail in this file but doesn't seem to have anything to do with that block of information. Also I want to change the e-mail that the app uses to mail costumers.


This is the block that I want to modify:



Been looking around to solve this issue but all the answers are for PS 1.6 and nothing yet for 1.7.

Any help is very welcomed.

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Hi, there is no Contact under Shop Parameters anymore? I'm on the very latest 1.7.5 and I 100% do not have Contact under Shop Parameters. 

I know that there used to be, but not now. Have I done something to cause this? I need to change store contact parameters urgently!



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There are some things you can do

  1. Remove it from SEO & URL - can be still accessed by index.php?controller=stores though
  2. Block/Redirect it by editing .htaccess
  3. Block it in robots.txt to avoid search engines indexing it
  4. Sitemap entry can only be avoided by overriding sitemap controller or easier: Changing sitemap.tpl template file
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I did 4 now for classic theme - add the line {if $link.id == 'stores-page'}{continue}{/if} in templates\cms\_partials\sitemap-nested-list.tpl:

{block name='sitemap_item'}
  <ul{if isset($is_nested)} class="nested"{/if}>
    {foreach $links as $link}
      {if $link.id == 'stores-page'}{continue}{/if}
        <a id="{$link.id}" href="{$link.url}" title="{$link.label}">
        {if isset($link.children) && $link.children|@count > 0}
          {include file='cms/_partials/sitemap-nested-list.tpl' links=$link.children is_nested=true}


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we have a problem in multistore.The main store works ok, but the sub store do not show the store name and address at all, why? We can manage them in the module, but those are not visible. Phone number and email are ok. The same info is missing also in contact form module. No name and address ,but phone and email ok.

Any idea how to fix?

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