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Forced to buy modules to trial them?

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We have recently purchased a couple modules that just do not do what we thought they would from their description but yet I am stuck with them because the way the system is set up.


Am I missing something? Do most modules not let you trail them too see if they do what you need them to do? This is ridiculous.


For example, we are considering the "Quick assign images into product combinations Module" but from what I can decipher from the sales page you still have to make a new attribute for every image you bring in. This does not seem to save any time. Spending 40 euro again for something that we are not sure how it works (yes I watched the videos, they are little help also) is like shooting first then asking questions. Poor system.





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There is no trial, in most cases, when you get module you get all code. Good part of modules do have demos, some both

front and back office, so that is best way to test them. Do not think some module have feature you need, make sure they 

are clearly mentioned. Also do ask first, before purchase you can ask developer specific question. Or ask  for demo if not 



So ask first, shoot later.

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Some modules have demo sites, and if not, you can always message the seller and ask them to create a demo site so you can trial the module to see how it would work.  If they do not want to create a demo for you, then perhaps that is fair warning not to use the module.


Prestashop addons and the module system is not like the iTunes store.  You cannot return a module, and Prestashop cannot restrict you from using a module that you return, so giving you a module for free to trial basically means you have been given the module for free.

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