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customers can also sell second hand products

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i started my website befor 10 days. https://satis.aluminyumcuyuz.com


in this website, thanks to prestashop, i can sell products. but i want to put second hand product page for my customer and they can sell their products also here. When they enter as a customer, they can buy my products, but also they should put their second hand products and sell them. i enabled b2b mode. but what is next, i have to do?


could you please advise how i can do this.


thanks for your kind attention.

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First of all you did not mention the prestashop version in use. It could be helpfule for some others to provide information.

But what I can say: b2b is not the functionalty you are looking for. It does not help with your issue.


With built in functionalty PrestaShop is not prepared to allow your customers to sell products on your store. And I am guessing, it is not a easy way if there is one at all. Hence I also don't believe there would be a module you could purchase for this.

Why is it like that?


PrestaShop needs a lot of vital meta data which are set up specifically to the needs of a shop owner. Like your address / Invoice data, VAT numbers, VAT rates, shipping costs, the merchants mail addresses, merchants bank accounts and so on. All this data would change if you had other customers to seel goods on your store.


My approach would be:

Make a good visible link somewhere on your page, maybe in the top horizontal menu

"Sell your used goods with us"

Link it to a contact form where your customers can get in touch with you, send pictures and product details etc.

And you sell the goods for them, your are billing the customers buying these used goods and you pay the other customer for the product once it's sold.

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