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Add product available_date to order_conf.html mail


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Hello community,


Does anyone know how to add information about product/attribute date_available to confirmation orders mail (order_conf.html) next to product name?


I mean if customer ordered something and he is receiving confirmation mail with list of products bought that if some product has available_date different then 0000-00-00 or date is in the future from now, than this date is shown in email?


I will be very happy if someone will tell me how to achieve this.

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In Prestashop 1.6


1. In function validateOrder . Inside this 

foreach ($order->product_list as $product) {


 $available_date= Product::getAvailableDate((int)$product['id_product'],($product['id_product_attribute'] ? (int)$product['id_product_attribute'] : null));

2. In product_var_tpl array, add

'available_date' => isset($available_date) ? $available_date :  '',

3. In 


add the new variable

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@ventura Thank You, another user in polish forum gave me similar solution in this thread (3rd post) https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/621686-dodanie-daty-dostępności-zamówionych-produktów-do-order-confhtml/

@Scully getavailabledate is not doing it so I gave little solution to this in thread mentioned above

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Yup, issue is solved. In paymentModule.php I added something like this 

                        $availability_date = Product::getAvailableDate($product['id_product'], ($product['id_product_attribute'] ? (int)$product['id_product_attribute'] : null));

                        $today_time = strtotime(date('Y-m-d'));
                        $expire_date = strtotime($availability_date);

                        if ($availability_date != '0000-00-00' && $today_time < $expire_date)
                            $date_available = $availability_date;
                        // end added

                        $price = Product::getPriceStatic((int)$product['id_product'], false, ($product['id_product_attribute'] ? (int)$product['id_product_attribute'] : null), 6, null, false, true, $product['cart_quantity'], false, (int)$order->id_customer, (int)$order->id_cart, (int)$order->{Configuration::get('PS_TAX_ADDRESS_TYPE')});
                        $price_wt = Product::getPriceStatic((int)$product['id_product'], true, ($product['id_product_attribute'] ? (int)$product['id_product_attribute'] : null), 2, null, false, true, $product['cart_quantity'], false, (int)$order->id_customer, (int)$order->id_cart, (int)$order->{Configuration::get('PS_TAX_ADDRESS_TYPE')});

                        $product_price = Product::getTaxCalculationMethod() == PS_TAX_EXC ? Tools::ps_round($price, 2) : $price_wt;

                        $product_var_tpl = array(
                            'reference' => $product['reference'],
                            'name' => $product['name'].(isset($product['attributes']) ? ' - '.$product['attributes'] : ''),
                            'unit_price' => Tools::displayPrice($product_price, $this->context->currency, false),
                            'price' => Tools::displayPrice($product_price * $product['quantity'], $this->context->currency, false),
                            'quantity' => $product['quantity'],
                            'customization' => array(),
                            // added
                            'availability_date' => $date_available

And now everything works as it should (date is shown in email when date is after current date).

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I am trying to do the same thing but for the basket page.
I want to include the $product.available_date variable in the shopping-cart-product-line.tpl file.
Can you find me a solution because I have been looking for several weeks without success.

Thank you


Sorry for my english are french.

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