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[Solved] Error: 'install' directory is missing


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I've seen many people were having problem with "Error: 'install' directory is missing" in prestashop.

I also had this problem atter domian change (server change) and none of instructions helped me.

I solved this by myself.


Problem was solved thanks to changing domain settings from "Website without separation" to "Website WITH separation". That solved all the problems.


Hope that it will help you!

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In my hosting provider Administration Panel. Where i have domain settings i can choose between these 2 options. What I consider It means that Prestashop will installed as root folder on the server... for example „/yourprestashopdomain.com” and when you use „without separation” Prestashop will interpret installation folder like on a shared hosting „/Home/etc/public_html/yourprestashopdomain.com”

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