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After translation, emails continue to arrive not translated

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Hi there,


I've followed tutorials and, from the BO I've translated the subject of notification emails and edited them as I need (removed a field not needed, removed the "powered by prestashop" signature and so on) but even after this, email continue to arrive as they were before, like I did no editing to them.

I've checked with FTP and they've got correctly updated in the file on the server, so where's the problem? I really can't find out

Can you please help me?

Thanks a lot


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Hi JoeSchiaffi,


You must force compilation and empty the cache in Back office to see your result.





Hi MacRoy, thanks a lot for your reply, unfortunately I've done it all (force compilation, not utilize cache, and clear cache browser, but order confirmation emails continue to arrive with english subject and all the fields that I've edited or removed, are still there as they were by default. Also checket emails folder on the server and the files are succesfully updated, but still emails continue to arrive as they weren't :(

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