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Sell -> Catalog -> Stocks causes internal server error on

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Hi to all of you!

I have installed prestashop for the first time. Everything is working real well excepting the stocks feature in the Sell/Catalog section of the admin panel. When I click on Stocks the Stock management template is loaded and instead of filling the table with data an internal server error occurs. The only message I have found in Debugmode is the following silenced error:


filemtime(): stat failed for /web/testshop/admin_dg/themes/new-theme/css/admin-theme.css
Context: { "name": "E_WARNING", "type":2,"file": "/web/testshop/classes/controller/AdminController.php", "line":439,"level":28928,"scream":true}
and an deprecation:
The Twig_Node::getLine method is deprecated since version 1.27 and will be removed in 2.0. Use getTemplateLine() instead.
the request had been:
request Matched route "admin_stock_overview"
any one an idea what's going wrong here?
best regards,
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