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Carrier Range not working properly


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I've got the following configuration for my Premium Carrier:




but when the purchase is > 30 I've got the following "Free shipping" for both carriers.



Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


Thank you!

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have you cleared cache after changing carrier settings?

what is the result for carts with less than 30 euros?

I'm clearing the cache after any change I make.


For carts with less than 30 euros it's showing the correct price for every carrier.


The issue is only when it's more than 30 euros.

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And if you try to add a 3rd range and change the ranges like this:


0 to 30 eur: 5.95

30 to 1000 eur: 1.50

1000 to 100000 eur: 1.25


Just for test purposes.


It shows again Free Shipping for both last ranges.

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