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Where to clear CSS cache?

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I'm trying to work on the theming and it keeps caching the CSS file.


Yes, I have CCC turned off.


Yes, I have Caching turned off.


Yes, I have force compile turned on.


I am a longtime 1.4 user, so those are nothing new.  But something that seems to have carried over from 1.4 is module files would still cache despite all those and you'd have to go clear out /tools/smarty/cache/ to force a refresh.  


To clarify:


Theme CSS file is /themes/themename/assets/css/theme.css


Seemingly randomly it will load that file directly and update the cache.


Every other time, it loads /themes/themename/assets/css/A.theme.css.pagespeed.cf.Q3PBoA9zyN.css


The obvious answer of deleting that file to force regeneration is a no go, file doesn't exist.


Driving me nuts, please halp.

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Ok well I feel foolish as its not prestashop's fault.  If you run on AWS, the Bitnami LAMP images come with google's pagespeed module preinstalled and enabled.  That is what is caching the CSS files.  Thank god they thought to put 'pagespeed' in the filename or I'd never have figured that out!



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