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Paypal Advanced not showing for some customers


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I'm using Paypal Advanced with the Paypal Plugin v 1.3.9 on PS v and some customers are reporting that the payment option is not showing on the checkout page it says "No Payment method is available at this time."

Store url is SilverandCZ.com

Any help on this would be appreciated

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I have had the same issue cant get the paypal advanced to work.. I found this on other post but did not work for me.....




Welcome to the nightmare that is Prestashop Paypal module.


Make sure in the prestashop module you only have the advanced fields filled in and saved.


Make sure in the prestashop module you have the paypal api/standard payment fields empty and click save.


Make sure you are using a 'user' and you can't use your default/yourself.  You have to go into Paypal Manager and generate an additional user.  I did that and just used another nickname for myself, and a new password but it is essential for the module to work.


In Paypal manager, click on Service settings.


Click on Hosted Checkout or just 'Set Up."


First setting - choose your settings: live


Second setting, just fill in enter cancel url and enter error url


I would suggest you use the same url for both your cancel url and error url, For me, that was http://www.xyz.com/p...folder/en/order   ... Yours will be different because your domain and folder has a different name


cancel url method: get


enter button text - Submit Payment


Third setting - Paypal express checkout .. up to you. I just leave alone.


Fourth setting - up to you if you click on CSC but make sure if you DO check CSC as required that you also check CSC as editable ... otherwise people can't enter their CSC at checkout.


Fifth setting - Payment confirmation:


click on the 'On a Paypal hosted page radio button for 'show confirmation page'


up to you to enter a header text; same for your footer text.  I'm not really sure it even appears anyway ...


leave text for return url blank


for enter return url, I used this, and I would recommend you do the same:



then, make sure you select 'Post' for the return url method


Sixth setting - leave as is ... silent post no and other two fields empty


Seventh setting - leave it all blank, and ensure it says confirm payment by email as 'NO'


Eight setting - I decide to leave both fields, AVS and CSC as no but ........ make sure for Enable Secure Token it says 'YES'


Click save.


Now, on the same Service Settings page, click on Customize\


Select Layout C.


Click Save and Publish.


okay, you're done with Paypal manager.


If you did all that, the first part in the paypal manager with creating a separate user, and then provided those details for the fields in the Paypal Prestashop payment module for advanced, you should have a totally green bar showing just above the selections saying everything is good once you hit save there..  Then if you did what I recommended in the Hosted Page



You should have functionality.


With that said, this free Paypal Advanced Module is totally and completely jacked up and the Prestashop developers steadfastly refuse to wander into the forum to offer an official fix or even say they are working on it.


Then, tonight, I ordered three add on modules from the Addon store and I got a payment error from Paypal.  I called the customer service line at Prestashop and recommended that they "call themselves and report a technical problem with the Paypal module because it seems everyone is having unbelievable problems with the module and 1.5.5"


yeah, a bit in your face but right now, these Prestashop Developers are showing their worst possible professional development and coding faces in the software business.- they know there is a huge bug and they don't care.

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Having huge issues with PayPal USA/Canada on Customers can't check out as a missing payment module or invalid token after payment or payment occurs but no Back Office order created.

I've completed all the steps of a second PayPal manager user, added the IPN signal even though not ever needed for the last 5 years, and uninstalled/deleted the module for a fresh install but nothing.

6 years after supporting prestashop and it's partners, I'm almost done and about to recommend against Prestashop for the next 20 years to all developer groups.

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