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VAT excempt small company how ?

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In Belgium (and I guess in other counties in EU too) there is a new system allowing small companies with limited turnover (in Belgium under € 25000 yearly) to work without any VAT at all.


As long as you don't sell for more than 25000 euro's per year (which is allready a nice amount) then you don't have to ask any vat to any possible customer.


You do have to put the following sentence onto your invoice:


Kleine onderneming onderworpen aan de vrijstellingsregeling van belasting. Btw niet toepasselijk.


Is this possible in prestashop ? Can you easily add 1 or more lines of text to your invoice ? (The good part is that this is for ALL customers and not only for certain groups).


Also, is there a way yo remove all references to VAT on the frontoffice ? I know you can put them at 0% VAT, but then it shows 0% VAT and I'd like to have no reference at all.



Kind regards,


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