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Double redirection in SSL - multistore


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I have a multishop with SSL enabled and my main URL is at https://www.lord.gr


I notice from a webreport that my website does two redirects before the main URL.


1. The http://lord.gr redirects to http://www.lord.gr/
2. The https://lord.gr redirects to http://www.lord.gr/

3. The http://www.lord.gr/ redirects to https://www.lord.gr/


I need a solution so from the first redirection will go directly to https (3)


So any recommendations?


(I edit the post so It can be more clearly the problem)


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maybe is the result of the tool you used so you don't see the problem, or you just type www.lord.gr so you get one redirect to https. You can try without the www.


That is the problem. The double redirection  Is a SEO problem. The redirection cost SEO rate reduction. If you count also the multilingual continent, a user can get one more redirection to www.lord.gr/el (default language) or /en.



I used http://redirectcheck.com and https://httpstatus.io/ for the screenshots for "lord.gr"


(I also edit the original post, maybe now is more clear)




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If you use SSL and a user searches your url like myshop.com, the first try is always


and not


You can't avoid this first redict.


However, using WWW as prefix is indeed a bad idea in these days. Why that? In the early days of the internet, webservers were prefixed with www to let everybody know it was a webserver. It was an easy way to differ between other servers like mail, ftp or others. These days are long ago and there is absolutely not reason to use WWW as per today.  If you use WWW, it will most likely lead to one more redirect. Almost no users search google or the internet with still using WWW. Instead they just type myshop.com. But if your shop needs this prefix, it leads to a redirect. Best example to be found in post #1.

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