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Bug in OrderDetail.php


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I noticed in table "order_detail" columns "product_quantity" and "product_quantity_in_stock" have always the same value. 

I supposed "product_quantity" is quantity from card and "product_quantity_in_stock" should be quantity of the product on stock in order time. For example:


On stock is 5 pieces. I ordered 3 pieces and in this moment "product_quantity_in_stock" should be 2 and "product_quantity" 3. But currently it will be "product_quantity_in_stock" 3 and "product_quantity" also 3.


I think problem is in file OrderDetail.php on line 634.


        $this->product_quantity_in_stock = ($product_quantity - (int)$product['cart_quantity'] < 0) ?
            $product_quantity : (int)$product['cart_quantity'];
I think it should be something like


        $this->product_quantity_in_stock = ($product_quantity - (int)$product['cart_quantity'] < 0) ?
            $product_quantity : $product_quantity - (int)$product['cart_quantity'];
I am using latest version 1.6. 
Am I right? Because it does not make a sense to me to have two columns with same values.
I need to know product quantity on stock after order. 
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