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[DIRTY SOLUTION] Show category description only on first product listing page


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I am new to Prestashop and theme development, so please bare if this workaround is more than dirty!


My Wish

I want to show the category description only on the first page of the category listing (Prestashop 1.7.x).


My Solution

In short: Check the current page of the pagination and if it is "1", then simply make jQuery hide the description.

What i did is opening the pagination.tpl found under templates -> partials -> pagination.tpl


There i added this code on top of everything:

  {if $pagination.pages[1].current != true}
    $(document).ready(function() {

What this code does is this:

Line 1: check the pagination page and if it is not the first page, then start the jQuery script once that the document is ready

Line 4: hide the element with the ID #category-description


As i said, i am new to the whole Prestashop stuff, so please bare if this is totally wrong, but it works for me.

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Hi guys.

My solution for PS 1.7:

in /templates/catalog/listing/category.tpl add simple smarty checking if page url doesn't contain "?page=". So in the .tpl file it will be like:

{if !$smarty.server.REQUEST_URI|strstr:'?page='}
        <div id="category-description" class="text-muted">{$category.description nofilter}</div>


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