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Sell outside the UE

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Hi Guys,


I want to open an e-boutique selling clothes. I am based outside of the UE and I would like to sell INSIDE the UE.

I am a newbie on the website, however is was looking for assistance, especially, in regards to law and taxes.


I don't have a registered company and I was wondering whether it is allowed to sell without a registered company, on internet. 

At least, at the beginning, and then if it works well; I could create a registered company (I am based in asia).




PS: I will sell unbranded clothes (no counterfeit).

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I'm not aware of any international laws that would prohibit you from selling products online, but you should check your countrys local laws first. 


Not having a registered business may inhibit the payment methods that you can accept on your store (like credit cards), but you should still be able to use Paypal with a personal account.

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