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Editing page layout in Presta

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I have asked so many questions on this board with no replies, so now I try a more broad approach.


Can someone answer me this. Is there anyway to edit page layouts that does not involve programming? Things like adjusting blocks, we will use a frontpage slider block for example. I want that block a certain size to to stay aligned to the right. Right now it will only align itself left and the size is irrelevant even when sent, it still defaults to image size. The Live edit feature only lets you set which horizontal order the blocks are used on the page. Not alignments. When you go to live edit it looks nothing at all like the finished page and is basically a joke.


I do not see how this software can be considered easy to use if you are expected to program PHP, CSS and whatever else. just to get a decent page layout. There has been WYSIWYG editors for 15 years that do a way better job than this. What am I missing?


So is layout all about being able to make your own themes then?  

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Some themes do provide a page builder, but not by default, so the answer is basically no, you can't unless you edit tpl files and css.

WYSIWYG editors are used for category description, product descriptions, and cms pages

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