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Widget Link (ps_linklist) - How can I order links?

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No the best way I do direct on database

check ps_link_block

you see something like these


the numeber are the id of the content just change the number








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First of all thank you very much for the attention and disinterested help.

According to what you have indicated, how should I indicate to display first the categories and then the "product" part:{"1": "new-products", "2": "best-sales"}


Thank you very much

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You need to modify the ps_linklist module as below: 

in modules/ps_linklist/src/Presenter/LinkBlockPresenter.php around line 126, change the makeCmsLinks function as below: 

     * @param array $cmsIds
     * @return array
     * @throws \PrestaShopDatabaseException
     * @throws \PrestaShopException
    private function makeCmsLinks($cmsIds)
        $cmsLinks = [];
        foreach ($cmsIds as $cmsId) {
            $cms = new \CMS((int) $cmsId);
            if (null !== $cms->id && $cms->active) {
                $cmsLinks[] = [
                    'id' => 'link-cms-page-' . $cms->id,
                    'class' => 'cms-page-link',
                    'title' => $cms->meta_title[(int) $this->language->id],
                    'description' => $cms->meta_description[(int) $this->language->id],
                    'url' => $this->link->getCMSLink($cms),
                    'position' => $cms->position,
        // Extract the 'position' attribute values into a separate array
        $positions = array_column($cmsLinks, 'position');
        // Sort the array of cmsLinks based on the 'position' attribute
        array_multisort($positions, $cmsLinks);

        return $cmsLinks;

This will sort the links according to their "position" attribute. 

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