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Some products are not showing on the search result.

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Hello Prestashop people.
This is my first post here, I hope I will be clear enough.


Some products are not showing in the search result even if they use the same words in the product description.

My shop is a vinyl record store.

My catalog (more than 7000 products) is updated every morning via CRON


My daily cron task:

  • all the products are set at quantity = 0 via sql query in the database 
  • all the quantity = 0 are disabled via sql query in the database
  • all the image are erased from the server (/p/*)
  • the catalog is updated from a csv file via the module "Prestashop Importer - import product from csv, xls, xlsx v1.0.35"
  • the image folder is checked and cleaned via the module "elegant image cleaner".
  • the search index is updated completely
  • then I have eBay synchro crons

Everything's work smoothly, except that I have recently found a problem with the search result.


For exemple, the research of "replica" show up only 4 results, and should at least show up 18 records.

e.g. this album 


containing the word "replica" show up in the result when this one:
or this one
doesn't appear.


They have the same description "Replica Records (4)".

Of course I tried to re-build the indexation, I tried also to empty the table xx_search_index and xx_search_word, and re-index after, but I have the same bad result every times.
I also tried to switch off the languages (only FR is activated now, EN is still there but deactivated), and tried to re-build the index after switching off the search option (Search within word, etc).


BUT, when I open and save a missing product, it then appears on the search result.



I have really no idea what to do, where to search.

Does someone have an idea?

Server info:
PrestaShop version: 
Server software version: Apache

PHP version: 7.0.19
Memory limit: 1024M
Max execution time: 25200 
MySQL version: 5.6.35
MySQL engine: InnoDB
MySQL driver: DbPDO 

website url:

Note : I have a mirror of the website for professionals only, all the system is the same, theme, server etc, only the catalog is different (760 products manually added) and the search result work as expected (showing all the "replica" products).

Note2 : I've found a weird "word" on the ​xx_search_word : "replicarpccd012", that seems to be a mix of the name "replica" and the "rpccd012" of this product:
The fun part is that this product appears also with the "replica" query, as expected with the "Search within word" enabled.



Thank you for reading!




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Hi Phil,


Same problem. I fixes it rebuilding the index but I imagine that it shouldn't be necessary. Just adding new products to index.


Looking forward to hearing some ideas.



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I have the same issue but on Prestashop 

I found that, if a product has 0 quantities, it doesnt show up in the search results. It can be found in the correct category but not in search.

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Same issue here with, very similar case as you Phil.

Did some of you find a fix ?

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i have the same problem and a solution

The keywords for the product exists at database , eg for product 23750 , exists  23750 keyword

The temporaly solution for me is to change default category for the product to another category, then change back to correct category!

Strange but it is working!

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