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Whoops, looks like something went wrong. 1/1 ContextErrorException in e24696f000f67ae1b46e6280d7b151ba3473e220.file.password-email.tpl.php line 477: Notice: Undefined index: notifications
  1. in e24696f000f67ae1b46e6280d7b151ba3473e220.file.password-email.tpl.php line 477
  2. at ErrorHandler->handleError('8', 'Undefined index: notifications', '/home/nmbo2111/bot.nimbu.pl/app/cache/dev/smarty/compile/layouts_layout_full_width_tpl/e2/46/96/e24696f000f67ae1b46e6280d7b151ba3473e220.file.password-email.tpl.php', '477', array('_smarty_tpl' => object(Smarty_Dev_Template))) in e24696f000f67ae1b46e6280d7b151ba3473e220.file.password-email.tpl.php line 477
  3. at content_593121e65f1dd2_32378424(object(Smarty_Dev_Template)) in e24696f000f67ae1b46e6280d7b151ba3473e220.file.password-email.tpl.php line 141
  4. at content_593121e667e672_19752260(object(Smarty_Dev_Template)) in smarty_internal_templatebase.php line 188
  5. at Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase->fetch('customer/password-email.tpl', null, 'layouts/layout-full-width.tpl', null, false, true, false) in SmartyDev.php line 41
  6. at SmartyDev->fetch('customer/password-email.tpl', null, 'layouts/layout-full-width.tpl') in FrontController.php line 660
  7. at FrontControllerCore->smartyOutputContent('customer/password-email.tpl') in PasswordController.php line 215
  8. at PasswordControllerCore->display() in Controller.php line 225
  9. at ControllerCore->run() in Dispatcher.php line 369
  10. at DispatcherCore->dispatch() in index.php line 28



Please - help me with this error - please :)

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Found Bug.

It was related with zFlower template.


In file it was:

{if isset($notifications)}
   {* template code *}

and then rest of the template file which should be between "if" ....

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