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Specific Price and combinations

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Hello all,


I had some product with many combinations.

For each combination i have a specific price based on quantity.

For example


Product 1 (price 10)

combination 1 price 9 for 1 item bought

combination 1 price 8 for 10 items bought

combination 1 price 7 for 20 items bought


combination 2 price 5 for 1 item bought

combination 3 price 4 for 10 items bought

combination 4 price 3 for 20 items bought



If I buy, for example, 5 items for combination 1 and 5 items for combination 2 i receive for both discount for 10 items bought even if neither combination 1 and combination 2 reach 10 items in the cart.


Is this a bug or a misconfiguration?

Thank you in advance. If is useful i can attach screenshot as you ask.



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