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Tax issue for deliveries in Switzerland

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I ship from France to Europe, and Switzerland (no EU). In France, tax is 20%. In Switzerland, the delivery must not include any tax.

Even if I don't set anything, when a user registers a Swiss delivery address, total price looses simply the 20% tax.


Is there any solution to set it, as for example, to raise the price –no tax included– by 20% if the user registers a Swiss address ? Or is there a better solution ?


Thank's a lot

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Swiss VAT tax is 8% on import, whatever you deliver is subject to swiss VAT. If you increase the price by 20%, think that on top of that, receiver will have to pay another 8%... or you. This is not at all a price loss, I believe that you did not understand how VAT works,,, Maybe some reading about the subject will help you ?

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