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URL includes controller=search despite friendly url, PS


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Despite the fact we have friendly urls turned on, our serch URLs look like this:


instead of


Anyone has solved to get rid of the controller=search within the URI?

It seems to be default behaviour even if we do a scratch install with the latest available 1.6. version.


Thank you and regards, Scully

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Thank you for your reply.


I already tried that but with no effect. I also checked that the .htaccess was newly written.


I also tried to debug classes/Link.php


When I echo the result as html comment before return in  public function getPageLink I get the correct result.fron

Surprisingly the link in the front end is then ok.


As soon as I get rid of the debug echo, the link is wrong again.

Any more suggestions?

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hours later ....


I figured out that changing the blocksearch-top.tpl helped. So at the end I remove the hidden field controller with its content search.

{*  Remove this comment if User Friendly URL is not enabled
<input type="hidden" name="controller" value="search" /> 
Remove this comment if User Friendly URL is not enabled *}

Any better way is welcome to see.

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