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[1.7.1] Numbers in the cart are not formatted right

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Hello Prestashop Pros!


I started with Prestashop a few months ago and have a reasonable grip on how it works by now. I began developing a new theme for my upcoming store using the starterTheme as a base line. I'm busy going through all the templates and modules and adjust the code to my requirements.


Here's my question:

I'm working on the templates that define the looks of the cart, specifically the box on the right that contains the subtotals, totals, tax etc. For some reason the numbers are not formatted correctly. I.e. They are not displayed in a proper currency format, but instead as unformatted numbers - no decimals when the number is a whole number, no currency symbol.


Below is the cart-summary-items-subtotal.tpl as an example:

{block name='cart_summary_items_subtotal'}
<div class="cart-summary-line cart-summary-items-subtotal clearfix" id="items-subtotal">
  <span class="label">{$cart.summary_string}</span>
  <span class="value">{$cart.subtotals.products.amount}</span>

As you can see, it is almost identical to the one in the starterTheme or classic theme. I really don't know where to look for an answer and so I hope you guys can point me in the right direction.






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Just one quick remark:

The prices are displayed correctly at other places like the product listings, product pages and at the checkout.

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