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Page rank and multilanguage


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Goodmorning to all


I'm starting selling with prestashop but i have a question on Seo and i would like to hear some opinion

Now we are selling in a website.it that is 17 years old and we start ten years ago with ecommerce

with a differrent CMS

The domain is .it and the items are presented in italian and in english, but consider that our touraround is 90% from customer outside Italy

I'm thinking to make this change:

1- go on like now in prestashop with two languages in the same domain website.it and use tag hreflang 

2- when i switch to prestashop set it like multistore with the italian pages in website.it and english pages on website.com (a domain that we have buy 1 year ago) and make a redirect 301 for the english pages of the old website

3-Go online like the first point and make the change of point 2 after the search engine get all the new changes 

My question is how is a problem the domain .it for international sales and how much the history of the domain is important, the pages transfered to the new domain will get the old rank bur the new pages generated in the domain.com which rank will have?

I hope i clear

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Domain specific to country will not be listed in search result of other country because from domain extension google knows it is for specific country .

For example .it for italian ,co.in for india. 

Regarding domain age ,it is important.

Google bot intelligently manage new pages on old domain without affecting page rank. Sometimes It get better ranking because of better loading speed,description and other seo factors.

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