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No sync after creating ebay listings


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I'm having another problem with the eBay module and hope someone can help.


I've listed over 800 products from my shop to eBay.

Until now they have listed without issue and have kept in sync with quantity and other changes.

But for some reason I've started to have problems.

Products are listed on eBay but they dont stay in sync. Some products are duplicated and I get an email from ebay saying duplicate removed. When I look at the API log I can see errors due to attempts to create duplicate listings.


I suspect the problem is something to do with the ebay_products table not being updated.

When I manually insert a record for one of the listings it then stays in sync and the attempts to create a duplicate stop.

But I don't now why this table isn't being updated.


Anyone got any suggestions?


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If anyone is interested I've found and fixed the problem.

There was an incomplete record in the ebay_product table which related to a deleted product.

For whatever reason, this was preventing the ebay module from updating the table with newly listed items and the related ebay item number.

Therefore, it was continually trying to list duplicate items to ebay but wasn't maintaining the products in sync.

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