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How do you monitor for new orders?


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I'm wondering how others keep an eye out for incoming orders. Having to constantly check the inbox is a big pain point for us.


I'm working on a solution that will alert the people near the PC used for PrestaShop operations that a new order email or an email connected to a new order is waiting to be acted on. This PC is located behind the counter of a retail store. The prototype right now is visual only, as the merchant does not want an audio alert. An LED that can be positioned conveniently near the PC will flash until someone attends to the email.


Anyone have a good solution already?







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I have a special application on the phone that sends notification to me on the phone and on the mail. I do not have to be near the computer and check the mail every hour. I've been looking for this application for a long time, but eventually I turned to these guys https://s-pro.io/ , they specialize in creating different applications and programs for business. It made my life very easy.

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