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how to change the store ?


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Dir Sir/Friends,

Can you help me please to understand how i can change the view off the store that will appear from Right To left ?
I Import Hebrew and the front office and back office support it well for now.

But i didn't find the way to make the following change ex:

Please look at the attachment file, all I ask for it to exchanging the Red Side Square with the Blue Side Square.

Please detail explanation.

Best regards To All
Adi Doron


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That is quite easy.
In the back offiche go into modules Tabs, then position, then transplant a module.
Then select cart block hook into left column.
And so on for the other modules.

Back in the position tab, you may have to remove (red cross) the module present in the right hook if you want to move it to the left.

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Dear e-motostore,

10x for the quick answer but i can't change the cart to left column
Because it's dim as you can see in the attachment.

did I miss something in your explanation ?

Can you help me with it ' PLEASE ?

Best regards to all


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Click on Positions (in the Modules tab) and then click on "Transplant a module", choose the block cart, and in hook choose left column.

You ill also need to remove it from the current right column hook in the positions page (click the X next to block cart in the "Right Column" section.

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Hi, my friend
Please see this post
you can download and use it,
direction of your store theme changed by user selected language, for example if user select hebrew language theme go to right to left mode and when he/she select english language theme go back to left to right mode, it's auto

please let me know if you have problem for update your store
and if you want right to left support theme please see my store PrestaMagic.com

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