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Images wont display

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I recently purchased a theme I liked for prestashop from templatemonster. I've uploaded the theme and activated. The problem I have with the theme now is that all my product images does not display properly. I consulted templatemonster support about this and they gave me a link to their guide for this kind of problem.


But all the suggestions don't seem to work for me. I do not believe that the images are gone but the theme seems to have a strange path to images. For instance here is the source link for one of the images:




Usually images are inside of ../img/etc/etc


But the path to this source is to a folder that does not exist in the server. In this case "2398-tm_large_default/..."


So I believe the problem lies somewhere there.


I've tried generating new thumbnails but I get server timeout. I have done this several times but no new images that work has been generated.


What am I doing wrong? Here is a link to the guide templatemonster has given me:



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