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Images problem with Prestashop


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I work on a company with an ecommerce created with Prestashop hosted on a VPS Cloud. A few days ago, due to a problem creating new values ​​to the attributes (still present), we requested the restore from a backup of the files (not the database). Following the backup restore, the friendly URLs no longer worked, set by the Clean URLs of ha! *! * Y, and you do not see the product thumbnails as you enter a category, but you see them if the category has more Pages of products and scrolls between the pages, even back to the first that initially did not show them. You can check the following link: http://www.esaem.it/tutto-per-verniciare/ going to page 2 and later, and also returning to the 1st one.
I solved the link problem, even if the module does not seem to work perfectly and does not let me enter the "Configure" page (it loads infinitely and eventually goes into timeout) but the image problem remains.
The thumbnails exist, anyway, otherwise you should not even see them navigating between the categories pages, so why do not you see them in "site / category" links while on  "site / category / page-2 /" links or Also "site / category / # /" tumbnails are shown? Has anyone encountered a similar problem and / or knows the solution?
I also tried to restore both the files and the database together and regenerate the thumbnails, without success. Obviously, the cache has been deleted over and over again after each modification made to try to resolve it.

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