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Subcategory empty when it is not


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Hey guys at my website just a few hours ago, when I tried to access the subcategories under Νέοι και Used Η/Υ seem to be empty that happens on top and side menus altogether. But this happens only on this category all other work just fine!




When accessing a new arrival which is under these categories opens as should and when using the breadcrumb to move back to the subcategory it works.








I didn't change anything to the code for about a month now so it can't be an error I made in editing. Any ideas on that?

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Ok guys I found out what is going on, the supplier edited the category name from Νέοι και Used Η/Υ to Νέοι & Used Η/Υ I just checked the categories in the backoffice just in case and seems that is the error, can we delete this pointless topic? 



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