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Add 2 editable text field on extra colums in back office orders list


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Hello, i would like to add an editable text field and text area on extra columns in the orders list, these wil be used in conjunction with two extra buttons i (added in a _print_pdf_icon.tpl override) to print shipping slip in one clic (javascript printer handling is implemented) and to set order as shipped + add tracking number in a clic on the second button.



Currently, i managed to add the two buttons in _print_pdf_icon.tpl and handle them from javasript (situated in page_header_toolbar.tpl), printing text area content with button clic works.


Everything else is not working, i dont understand how to add the text area and the text field in extra columns, i only managed to add non editable text field from adminOrdersController.php but it didnt help to add a blank, editable one.


And i have no idea how i can set the order as shipped (and provide the tracking number) from javascript, how should i do this?


Also i wonder how to get the shipping address country which is needed in the text area, i managed to get street, zip and country only and on a non editable field, finally the text area is in the buttons column which is wrong of course.

Thanks a bunch.






EDIT, after few hours I managed to arrange few things, however i still fail to assign the result os $this->_select statement (sAddressFull) to the variable passed to to the tpl via smarty ($cantidad). Also i still have no idea how to set the order as shipped from the button and add the tracking number from the trackingField but i found :

$order->shipping_number = $tracking_number;



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