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There is a translation of a model,


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There is a translation of a model,




MODIFY TRANSLATIONS ---> Type of Localization ---> Installation module Translation


Which can be translated, but it is 2700 words !!!,


I ask for your help, there is some way to take this table or PHP,


move to  Google to translate and back the file .


The fields need to be passed through each field and translated.


You did not think about it in planning this software, giving Google the possibility to translate

In the translation settings fields, maximum facilities, but 90% good translation.


what do you say ?

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First of all actualize the language you are using.

On back-office tab: localization -> translations -> add/update language.


After you have done that, you should ask your provider for to adapt the value of max_input_vars to 10000. The restriction of fields in back-office is due to a restriction set by your provider on the max_input_vars.


It is not recommendable to make changes on php-file. If your provider cannot change the value, than you will find the translation files on FTP.


- for back-office and front-office: /translations/language folder (en for english, for ex.)

- for your theme and theme modules: /themes/default-bootstrap/modules/module folder/translations/language folder - if you are using own theme, you should take your theme instead of default-bootstrap.




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You did not understand, I did it, now there's a way

The translation bring to the position of the table or HTML and cause

Google translate to translate all and uploads back to the site


There are close to 3,000 words on 800 tables

This is something that programmers might have to give to Google

Translate and save the fields.

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Yes, indeed your question is not really comprehensible. Better you don't use Google translator for to post in English Forum section. ;)


Answering your question: Prestashop will not go back to Google machine made translations, cause they are not professional enough. The machine translations we already had for a while in testing for Pretashop 1.4. versions.


Prestashop does not use Google Translator. We have human translation, which is better that any machine translation.  ;)

If you want to help on translations, you can apply as translator at crowdin. but please not as a Google translator, but as a real human translator.

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I've just downloaded the module. There is a file called readme.md included, which explains how to. For further support use the link I added on post #7


## About

Easily translate your Prestashop website

## Contributing

Bablic prestashop plugin is open-source, github: https://github.com/Bablic/Bablic-Prestashop, Use pull requests to contribute

### Process in details

1. Create your Bablic account, if you do not have one already.
2. Select the language you want to add to your Prestashop site
3. Manually edit/improve the machine translation or order professional human translation
4. Customize the language selector to match your website's look and feel
5. Replace images and fix style/css issues per language if need be
6. Push your changes to your live website by clicking Publish and the top-right Red button which will turn Green
7. You're live!
8. Keep making changes to your translated languages if required and simply click the Publish button when ready to push them to your live site

That's it!

[1]: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Coding+Standards
[2]: http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/How+to+write+a+commit+message
[3]: https://help.github.com/articles/using-pull-requests

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Free: Translations are already included on Prestashop install package.


Perhaps this still works (found by using the search bar of the forum) ? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/314499-free-module-google-translate/


Other options are: contribute to translation pack on crowdin to be 100% (Hebrew 81% ready), or use one of the paid solutions I named before on addons site.

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