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How To Display Features First Instead of Description on Product Page

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Hi I am making a motor parts store that wants to have the features displayed by default on each product page instead of the description. The description section does not need to remain if it is necessary to remove it, I just need the features to be immediately available instead of tucked in behind the second tab. Any solutions welcome, thanks in advance! 


Prestashop 1.7

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I have the same question - I have created a child_classic/templates/catalog/product.tpl with:

    {extends file='parent:catalog/product.tpl'}

and copied in 

      {block name='product_tabs'}

but don't know what changes to make to default to Features rather than Detail...

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Ok - so following it through further shows that the templates are not well structured.

You have to also change the child_classic/templates/catalog/_partials/product-details.tpl because someone decided to put some of the aria divs in product.tpl and others in product-details.tpl. Sniff - a bad code smell.

I did the following:

  • swap the order of the nav LI so that Description is second
  • swap the order of the data DIV so that Description is second
  • remove the conditional 'active' class from Description LI and DIV
  • make the active class unconditional in Details LI and DIV

The way the templates are coded seems sub-optimal. Not sure why they are not using a proper compose-block pattern.

Splitting just some of the aria tab/divs into a child template... not pretty.

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Hi Jeff A,

I'm also trying to swap the order of the tab in front office and make the details tab open by default.

could you please explain exactly the things to do. it would be a great help to me if you can post ,for every step, the code and in which file.

Thank you!



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