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SSL in mediaservers without Wildcard problems (Tools.php)


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I am setting mediaservers with ssl and I added the code "&& Tools::usingSecureMode() == false" in Tools.php according this post but dont work in PS because transform the cdn url in the main domain https://www.mysite.com/img/xxx.jpg

If I disable ssl in all pages then url work right with subdomain http://cdn1.mysite.com/img/xxx.jpg
I activated in plesk the cdn subdomains with all his dns and are redirected to https://www.mysite.com
I attach my full override of tools.php with the hope that someone may know that it may be wrong
best regards

class Tools extends ToolsCore
    public static function getMediaServer($filename)
        if (self::$_cache_nb_media_servers === null && defined('_MEDIA_SERVER_1_') && defined('_MEDIA_SERVER_2_') && defined('_MEDIA_SERVER_3_')) {
            if (_MEDIA_SERVER_1_ == '') {
                self::$_cache_nb_media_servers = 0;
            } elseif (_MEDIA_SERVER_2_ == '') {
                self::$_cache_nb_media_servers = 1;
            } elseif (_MEDIA_SERVER_3_ == '') {
                self::$_cache_nb_media_servers = 2;
            } else {
                self::$_cache_nb_media_servers = 3;

        if ($filename && self::$_cache_nb_media_servers && Tools::usingSecureMode() == false && ($id_media_server = (abs(crc32($filename)) % self::$_cache_nb_media_servers + 1))) {
            return constant('_MEDIA_SERVER_'.$id_media_server.'_');

        return Tools::usingSecureMode() ? Tools::getShopDomainSSL() : Tools::getShopDomain();
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