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Delivery slip & invoice pdfs problem


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HI everyone.
I have a problem, and is that neither the invoice nor the delivery slip shows the payment method in the pdf they generate.
Could someone tell me where I can see why this happens?
I use the version of prestashop
Thank you all in advance

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don't know if is the right place to post it but i have following situation:


as my client requested i set up the PS so the orders to be validated manually and also they can change the order quantities before validate. So far so good but i have following problem with PDF delivery slip :


1st. - the delivery sleep it shows the original amount (not the final amount after validation - so if client change the order the delivery sleep won't show the final amount - indeed the quantities are the correct one)


The invoice total amount is the correct one in PDF but in the left side with small characters it shows again the amount before changes...



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