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[MODULE] Website Translator v2.0 for PrestaShop 1.7 -- automatically translate your entire site

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Website Translator v2.0 for PrestaShop 1.7
One of our most popular modules is now available for PrestaShop 1.7, including an all new back office interface and clean, optimized code re-written for seamless PrestaShop 1.7 compatibility. And the full lifetime support plus a one-time free installation that you expect from Presto-Changeo is included with every purchase. 

Speak to your customers in their native language! Use Google or Bing Translate to create complete translations of your PrestaShop 1.7 site in over 50 languages quickly and easily. 

Dozens of options allow you to translate specific pages and IDs, to translate Product Name, to display a popup alert to customers that the site has been translated from the original version, and more. 

Learn More here: 

This module creates and updates the PrestaShop language files, resulting in fast page loads and consistant translations that you can edit anytime. It does not translate your site for each user "on the fly." 
Automatically translate your website in to more than 50 languages with a few clicks!
Choose to translate using Google Translate V2 (paid) or using Bing Translate (free).
You can edit each language and correct mistakes, and you can have different content for each language.
You can decide what to translate and what to leave in the original language.
Boost your SEO; you will have a new URL for each page, which can get indexed and match more keywords..
You can see the pages we have indexed by searching Google for "SITE:PRESTO-CHANGEO.COM".
These automatic translations are the easiest way to make your site accessible to users in countries around the world.
Translates the Front End, Modules, Home Text, and Database (Products, Categories, Attributes, Features, etc...)
This Module was used to translate this site into 15 languages.
Learn how to easily Create a Bing Translate account. 

Buy Website Translator herehttp://www.presto-changeo.com/en/prestashop-17-modules/131-prestashop-website-translator-module.html




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Presto Changeo


I'm interested in the module, I make templates and we can not translate phrases of a new type in templates and modules.


Does your module translate phrases of a new type?


Can I upload my template and check?

Or to test the module.


Best Regards,


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Alexandr: The module is able to translate all the text that is available for translation in localization->Translations.


If text does not appear there, it was likely not coded properly, and our module would not translate it either.

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Hi Tomer,


I want to buy your module if and only if you have those features :


My sites is in 8 languages, 2 are native translations already

1) I want to be able to translate from english to all languages except one language (basically I want to check the box of the languages I want to translate to)


2) I have thousands of id products to translate, waste of time to enter them all

I want to be able to say : 

translate all the products that are associated to this category id only

translate all the products that are associated to this category id and all its sub-categories


for example I have the category id (12) Apple and then the sub-categories iPhone 5s id (15) - iphone 6 id (20)... 


each sub-category has 300 products...


I want to tell the module translate all products from category id 12 and it's sub-category


can you do it ?


if yes I am a buyer.


If you want to do a better job, more clean and more user friendly, instead of working with ids, you can display the basic category tree, where we can select the categories (products) that we want to translate

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Laurent: No, our module will not be able to do all that you need, at least not without customizing it (which you are welcome to do, but is not a part of our support).


You can try looking at the addons store for a module that will be close to what you need.

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V2.0.1 released
Removed deprecated mysql_ping() call

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1 hour ago, daywap05 said:

I would like to leave a feedback about this module.

Before purchasing, I contacted the developer, asked if I will be able to translate many products (ex: 2000) with this module without no additional payments.

I received reply yes and that Bing translation API is free of charge.

I have purchased the module and I saw that was not true because Bing Translation API is not free and Google Translation API is free only for limited queries.

So in order to translate 1000 products with 1000 chars (description, title, meta details) you need to pay around $300 for one language.

If found this very not accurate description because it was not mentioned anywhere about such fees. 

Upon, reaching the developer again for the refund I was given an answer that I have downloaded the module already and there is no way how I can get the refund back. But the fun fact is that they don't have DEMO pages published on their website and I was never able to test the plugin before buying.


However, I just wanted you guys to know that there is free way how you can do the same without this plugin. All you have to do is export product_lang table to CSV format, import to Google Sheets and use =GOOGLETRANSLATE command to translate unlimited amount of chars without any payment. I have successfully translated 15000 products with this free method. This module is useless and this company support is the worst.

@daywap05 Thanks Man you saved my day, I was under the impression that bing is free, and was looking forward to buy this module. Can you be more elaborate on the free way. It is really new to me, and very excited to know how you did it and import back the translated file to prestashop.


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Everybody is entitled to their opinion. 

The fact of the matter is that all the information is provided on our website. 

Bing does have a free option which is sufficient for the hundreds of customers who purchased this module from us. 

If you needed to translate a high volume, you should have mentioned that, or went to either of the 3rd party translation services for more information. 

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2 minutes ago, daywap05 said:

Perhaps Bing option is sufficient for the hundreds of customers who purchased this module from you. But it's not sufficient for the hundreds of PrestaShop products.


As I have said before, I did contact the developer before purchasing and asked if I will be able to translate thousands of products and the answer was YES, with BING it's free.

This is simply inaccurate. 

You asked if the module is up to date, and about using it for ps1.7 and 1.6. 

At no point did you mention translating thousands of products. 

Furthermore, we offered to send you the ps1.6 version for free if you purchased the 1.7 version. 

If you were clear in your initial inquiry, we would have said that you may need to use the paid option. 

We have been one of the most trusted module developers for over 10 years, with impeccable support. 

We are sorry our module did not meet your needs, but as you already used the module, and it works as described, we cannot offer you a refund. 

Making up inaccurate information is not the way to handle things. 

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1 minute ago, daywap05 said:

You are making false claims that your module is used by thousands of users. I think you are selling on your website just because you could catch people like me, who read description and believe that it would work as expected and when it comes to integrating actually free translation API - no refund TOS.

I will issue a chargeback and will post a review on my prestashop developer blog about your company and module I have purchased.

This is very good lesson for everybody who are thinking to purchase any module from this vendor. 

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and we can debate about that, but facts are not up for debate. 

It's a shame that you are wasting so much time, instead of admitting you did not ask the right question before purchasing the module. 

I think the fact that we sent you the module for both ps versions speaks highly of our support. 

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