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Adding a new feature to publish product in Admin


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I want to make product be available in front store when merchant is done with (product informations , images, prices , quantities) . In prestashop first you have to save product and then only you can add images. Upon save there is no alert to user that other mandatory fields also need to be updated.


I want to hide Enable in product informations and introduce publish menu below the Suppliers . Inside that one publish button and on click of that all mandatory fields needs to be validated and then finally a product be available in eshop.


For this I have created custom modules and using hook


 in install i was able to add menu. Inside the hook I am returning tpl which is displaying publish page along with button

return $this->display(__FILE__, 'proactivity.tpl');

My problem is I am not able to find the way to send the control to module php file when I submit from publish page. This control always goes to AdminProductsController.


My knowledge in prestashop is very limited and just started it out. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks 


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