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h1 tag problem

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I have a problem with my h1 tag


I can see the h1 is on my logo but if i use a seo checker plugin it says "no tag h1"


my site is www.ilpescacciatorelequile.com


I do the test on www.seotesteronline.com



What can i do to solve this problem?

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You can use h1 tag for any text on your website.

Logo image or any other image already have image tag association therefore h1 tag will not be consider by seo analysis tools.

Use of keywords on image tag is good practice for seo.

I have h1 tag on every page of my website and size of h1 tag is bigger so I manage using style option to make better look as per design of the website.

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h1 tags could be a good idea if you have a good content related to your product. But guys, it is not about Google, it is about your customers. Structure your product description in the most user friendly way with nice and easy to read blocks of text!

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On 8/26/2018 at 6:56 PM, Guest said:

So? H1 is a bad idea now?

No a H1 is a very good idea for SEO but ideally only one per page, its the primary header, the main page headline. Also as someone else has said it should have text in it not a logo

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