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GET URLs from layered block

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Hey there folks,


I'm facing a major problem with my Prestashop 1.6 website, in fact when I select filters on my layered block, and then when I click on a product to go to the product page, and then when I get back to the layered block page where all my products show up, the filters I set previously disappear, I have to reselect the filters again.


For exemple:

1. https://www.my-shop.com/10-mystuff (page that shows all of my products with a layered block at the left where I can select filters (price, size, etc.))


2. I select some filters, so the URL automatically converts to: https://www.my-shop.com/10-mystuff/filter-1/filter-2/etc.


3. I go to a product page


4. Then when I go back (previous page), I would like it to go to the last state of the layered block, to this URL: https://www.my-shop.com/10-mystuff/filter-1/filter-2/ instead of removing all my filters and getting back to https://www.my-shop.com/10-mystuff/


How can I solve this problem? Is there any modules that can do it or somebody can help me out with the code part?

Hope you understood me.


Thank you very much!

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