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CSV import - Product cover image


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Hello, colleges.


I have an unusual problem with product cover image when uses CSV import.


When CSV import all products, some of them have cover images (you can see it on back or front office). For the rest of products, I must open every product and check cover image (even if I have only one product image).

My images is upload via CSV import and there are in product edit.


Did I make some error?


Thanks in advance.

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I solved this problem by myself.


I imprort png and jpg images and can't check every product to see extension of it's images. So I make formula to have link with png and jpg images when I import products with CSV import.


For example: If I have png image and I set first link to image storage as png, I get cover images. But, if jpg image, I don't. So, first import image must be on server images storage to get cover image.

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