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Shopping Cart Summary not updating


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Hello everyone.


I have been looking far and wide for an answer and I am unable to find anything.


I have a problem with my shop when I click on a product and it asks me whether I would like to proceed to checkout or continue shopping. when I click proceed to checkout everything looks fine and product is in the Shopping cart summary with the correct pricing.

when I then decide to go back to another product and add it only the top cart button updates to 2 products and the summary stays on one product with the price of the one product.

when I continue with checkout it actually shows all the products at the payment tab.( I am using 5 step checkout).


I have tried

1.clearing cache in browser and prestashop admin

2.Firefox and Chrome browser,

3.Different computer

4.and even my mobile phone. and I can successfully replicate this issue every time.

using prestashop


This is a rather big problem and if someone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it 




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