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How to migrate singlestore in existing multistore installation


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I have a multistore installation with 3 stores and another single store that we want migrate in multistore installation.


the single installation have more than 2000 customers and we need to keep. 


We dont need:


    - Orders (multistore is connected with ERP and store the ordes)

    - Products (multistore have same products)

    - Any data or information. We need only customers!


We think create a clean shop installation into the multistore and migrate customer but we dont know how!



How can we make the migration to be transparent to our clients? I mean, we dont want our customers must enter a new password or any information


Best thanks!

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First of all you need a script for the transfer of the data. As far as I know there is no standard script available for what you want so either you need to either write it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. I could do it and there are many others. Given  that you only want customers this shouldn't be too complicated.


There is however a problem with the passwords. The mother key that is used encrypting those passwords is in a configuration file (settings.inc.php in 1.6 and parameters.php in 1.7) and is for every shop different. So if you want to keep the old password for the those customers you need to attach a flag to them in the database and then put in the software some switch that evaluates them against their own key. Not impossible, but it requires some expertise. And when you later might upgrade you may have to do some coding again.

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Reports about problems with images are not uncommon after upgrades. But usually it is something simple like forgetting to regenerate images or trying to use a 1.4 template with 1.6. 


If you report about image problems: please provide a link so we can see for ourselves on the forum. It would break your backoffice login passwords but you can find on many places in the forum how to get around that,


BTW: if your multistore is totally new you could use the keys of the old shop there.

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