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Ajax Request rejected // Spinning buttons product Page


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Hi All,


I have a problem with my Prestashop (I updates it last week in order to try to fix it but that didn't work).

When i try to edit or add product, the save buttons don't stop to turn and stay disable.


I check on the developper console and saw that 12 Ajax request were sent to display each tabs of the product.

And sometimes, I have 1 or 2 requests rejected (error 500 // Internal Server Error), that stop provision of save buttons.


I tried to disable custom modules (non developes by prestashop) and Override but that didn't work.


Do you know how to fix it?

Is it a server side problem? Wich parameters I have to modify?




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It is really very common problem of Prestashop 1.6.x.x and many people ask about this problem try exploring this forum or make quick search on google.

Problem could be anything or may be specifically related to your shop.you can try a simple trick to avoid sniping button http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34726844/prestashop-endless-spinning-product-save-button .

Thanks & regards


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Thank you for reply me :)

I have already done It but server errors  stays in background tasks and that causes problem when i try to save products...

I'll contact my hosting provider.



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