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Hello guys,


What's up here?


Im writing a small topic because I'd like to know if anyone here could show me how to use well

SEO Meta Tags Generator please,

how to use those code .  



Id category {CATEGORY_ID} Category Name {CATEGORY_NAME} Category parent {CATEGORY_NAME_PARENT} Shop name {SHOP_NAME} Page number {PAGE_NUMBER} Tags {TAG_NAME}

Meta Title example: Buy {CATEGORY_NAME} in our shop {SHOP_NAME}


just send me a picture with something fixed, just to make me understand,


Thank you in advance guys.

Best regards,


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Hi Ninello,


As far as i understand "Buy {CATEGORY_NAME} in our shop {SHOP_NAME}" will rewrite all titles with this pattern (replacing obviously each {} by the good value) for all categories on wich you will apply this treatment.


@johann, on almost every website we worked we had to implement this kind of pattern, mainly for products. For many reasons (time and also fee on each product, imports from other softs) product titles are oftently not manually written. For sure categories title should be manually written if possible.

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Hello there,


This is a recurring question. I don't want to argue with Johann as he is probably right. However he does not give a solution for editing effectively 20000 product pages in 3 languages. Yes! I have seen a couple of Prestashop with huge catalogue. 


There is a module out there sold more than 1500 times and I am not really surprised. Take a look at https://codecanyon.net/item/prestashop-seo-manager/4662419 . The developer gives a list of templates just as the one used by SmartPlugs. Here is one example:


 Buy [product name] from [category name] range today from [shop name] and get it delivered to your door in 1 day! 

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