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Error uploading image. The ajax-tab.php query returns that controlled is not found (AdminProducts)


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Prestashop version:


I have a got a strange error when I try to upload a image to a product.


I go the images section of the product page and try to upload one image, then a red panel is shown at bottom os the screen that says "undefined". Then I go to debug the javascript execution where the image uploading action is called. The image uploading action is called from "js/filesuploader.js", the query to upload the image use the ajax-tab.php file with the following form.


The response code like this

<div class="error"> <span style="float:right">
<a id="hideError" href=""><img alt="X" src="../img/admin/close.png" /></a></span>
El controlador no encontrado </div>

I don't know that happens here, the upload image behaviour has been worked without problem until now. I understand that "AdminProducts" controlled is not found, but the file AdminProductsController is on "controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php" file (inside there is a class called "AdminProductsControllerCore", so I dont know whats going on here.


Any ideas?

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