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get logout on product page if friendly url is on


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i encounter a wired problem that my site will logout customer on product page with friendly url on.

i have tried the following already but still not work.


- reinstall a brand new prestashop.

- clear all browser cache

- ask my host to clear all vanish cache on server.


the wired thing is that the problem only happens on specific domain, meaning if i install prestashop on other sub-domain, it will then work fine. 


anyone knows the solution?

thank you!

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Hi Jeff,

I have the exact same problem.

I migrated from a shared OVH host to a dedicated one.

When downloading a product page, the server send the setcookie instruction and erases all the prestashop cookies and renew the session leading to a logout.

Also it is impossible to a product to the cart.

It could be related to nginx... As it seems we are both using it.

Did you solve your problem ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.




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