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How to use filter and display parameters with URL in web service ?


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i read the official documentation parts this http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS14/Chapter+8+-+Advanced+Use and trying to get the employees using filter here is my code

$opt = array(
    'resource' =>'employees',
    'display' =>'[full]',

$url = $this->url.'/api/'.$options['resource'];
			$url_params = array();

			if (isset($options['id'])) {
				$url .= '/'.$options['id'];
			$params = array('display', 'filter', 'sort', 'limit', 'id_shop', 'id_group_shop');
			foreach ($params as $p) {
				foreach ($options as $k => $o)  {
					if (strpos($k, $p) !== false) {
						$url_params[$k] = $options[$k];

			if (count($url_params) > 0)
				$url .= '/?'.utf8_decode(urldecode(http_build_query($url_params) ) );

but still no data found when the url is called.

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