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Delete translations for backoffice only


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Hi everybody


My prestashop 1.6 store has 2 languages and none of them are English. But I would really like to have back office in English. Any idea how i can remove all back office translations (while keeping all other translations) for one language easily without manually removing each row from Backoffice-Localizaton-Translations?


Or alternatively, can i just install English language pack but hide only English (while keeping 2 other) language from front end language selection bar?


Thanks in advance for so helpful replies :)

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Hi, thanks for replys but i need to have English language installed for that. Which will in turn add english to front end language selection tool. But i dont want that.


Oh and i can find localization-translations but my question was how to have 2 of local languages on front-end and english back-end (and no english on front-end). :)

So i guess only option to achieve that is to delete all back-office translations for one language...wich will take working time...

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I think what you should do is install English then go ahead and disable it under languages in back office, after that you can still enable it only for yourself by going to your profile and changing the language there.


If you install a language then disable it, it won't show in the language selection for everybody in the store.

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