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How to enhance your shop and migration


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I'm looking at starting a presta shop and have a few questions on how to stage the code.

1) So once the store is live, how do you continue developing on it without the customers seeing all the work in progress? Do you set two databases and two stores up?

2) At the moment, i'm working on a crappy server with the intent of moving everything to a better server. How do i migrate my shop over?


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Im have a test shop where i develop on. You cannot, or should not develop on a live shop. It does not give a professional look at all.
Our shop have bin only for more than 1 year and i have used the maintains site 1 time where i have a bigger upgrade on the theme, it was on for 5min at night.

Costumers cannot, and should not be meet with the maintains site.

Well thats my opion atleast :)

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