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Shipping costs calculated wrongly in currency at checkout


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Dear Community!


I am quite new to prestashop and trying to create my own shop in two languages, Hungarian and German. I'am using Prestashop with the Classic template. Unfortunately I'm stuck with a problem and I would really appreciate the help of some experienced users. My problem is the following:

- My main currency is Euro but I also would like to sell products to Hungary in HUF. The exchange rate is: 1 Euro = 300 HUF in the webshop. So far, so good.

- In the shop everything is displayed correctly, as far I experienced, BUT

- At checking out, the shipping cost 4,6 Euros is multiplied with two time 300. So the correct shipping would be 1480 but it it displays 414 000 HUF (4,6 X 300 X 300).

- Also at selecting the shipping options, the wrong shipping cost is shown.

- In the summary the details, and the complete sum are correct, so the shipping is there with 1480 Ft, but above it is displayed with 414 000 HUF.

- The same phenomena occurs if I define some extra fees for the shipping at the product page.


For the illustration I have attached a picture.


Do you maybe have a clue, how can I solve this problem? If so, can you please detail it, so that it is understandable for a beginner like me? :) I would be really happy if you could help me.


Best Regards,



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